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Oil production on U.S. public lands is up 60% over the last decade

Natural gas production is near all-time highs in the US, increasing dramatically over the last decade.

On the Chopping Block

National parks and public lands under threat from oil and gas development

The Trump administration is paving the way for drilling at the doorstep of America’s national parks and monuments.

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Interior Secretary Zinke is sending a $75 million gift to oil and gas companies

So much for making sure taxpayers get a fair return from drilling on public lands.

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Open For Business: How public lands management favors oil and gas

The BLM treats the oil and gas industry as a favored tenant, making 90% of BLM lands available to drillers.

Americans expect federal officials to strike a balance between conservation and energy development on public lands, while guaranteeing taxpayers receive a fair return from the use of taxpayer-owned resources.

However, the current system is tilted towards the oil and gas industry. Private companies drive the process for where to drill, pay extremely low rates to taxpayers, and are not held accountable for spills and other long-term impacts of development.

The Process

Six steps that turn public lands into private oil and gas leases

Companies, not land managers, "nominate" public lands to be leased for drilling

Land managers analyze nominations, with taxpayers footing the bill

Public land leases are sold through online auctions starting at low rates of $2 per acre

Companies can sit on leases for 10 years or longer before drilling

Extremely low royalty rates for public land production mean less money for taxpayers

Companies can abandon oil and gas wells, leaving taxpayers with the cleanup bill

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Blog: Congress is considering an egregious giveaway of publicly-owned oil, gas, and coal.

Rep. Rob Bishop wants to let states run over endangered species while ripping off taxpayers.

Blog: As Interior pivots to fossil fuel extraction, report shows it costs taxpayers bigly

Taxpayers lose $7 billion a year due to U.S. subsidies for fossil fuels.

Report: Public Land Energy Development by The Numbers 2017

The issue with energy development on public lands is excess, not access.

On the Chopping Block

National parks and public lands under threat from oil and gas development

Dinosaur National Monument

San Rafael Swell

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Hovenweep National Monument