Money in Politics

Money in Politics

Oil and gas industry influence on the political process

How is the oil and gas industry able to rig the system and leave taxpayers with such a bad deal? Follow the money.

In just the most recent election cycle, companies and individuals in the oil and gas industry spent more than $100 million supporting candidates for federal office. These donations have been made to candidates, parties and outside groups, such as PACs. Since 2009, industry interests spent more than $1 billion lobbying Congress.

Oil and gas interests are getting what they paid for. Industry lobbyists have been appointed to manage America’s public lands and waters and Congress has voted to roll back protections for clean air and clean water.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has repeatedly said the agency will be a “partner” with industry. At the request of the oil and gas industry, the agency has refused to implement rules designed to reduce methane waste from drilling operations on public lands and has moved to eliminate rules to improve the safety of hydraulic fracturing on public lands. We’ve even seen the Interior Department move to eliminate some of America’s treasured national monuments.

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